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The voice of the Caribbean cannot be scattered

~ by Jerry DaC Blenman

I am of the firm view that a shared vision is a place of strength and power which, when correctly operationalized, has the capacity to be the catalyst for progress. 

What's bewildering is that while opportunities for development are present and available, the lack of collective will, among other things, has seemingly been a major hindrance to the progressing of small island developing states, in a globalized environment where other nations "dream big" and produce in enormous quantities with distinctive quality. 

Question or oppose it if you care to, but in reality the English speaking Caribbean, made up of just over 6 million people, and existing in Spanish dominated waters, has been lacking in capacity to realize measured development at a respectable pace, as individual jurisdictions. 

Candidly, the voice of the region cannot be scattered and the peoples of the region forced to find refuge in economic spaces below our developmental capacity, on account of the absence and lack of collective will to effectively combine our resources, to realize development for all. 

In fact, the oneness that gives effect to a stronger Caribbean, must be enshrined as an uncompromising focus of our actions today, if we are to realize our greatness and rightful opportunities for development. Without well structured and measured cohesion, it will be difficult. 

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