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Disorderly will not cut it!

An unorganized and messy workplace can consume cost at an alarming rate. Actually, most organizations hardly notice or are conscious of the cost impacts of a disorganized work environment. Well to put it mildly, measures of time and motion associated with executing tasks in disorderly workplaces can range from thousands to millions of dollars depending on the size of the operation. It is a fact!

Think about your own work processes and the several occasions you have consumed time tracking down items, be it tools or something as simple as a stapling machine.

Creating and maintaining an organized work environment is therefore critical to cost management, performance, productivity and profit margins.

An excellent tool for understanding and achieving this is the Lean 5S/6S model. We encourage you… learn more of how you can implement this tool to your task, your processes, your business and keep cost in check > Learn more >

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