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Unlocking Career Development Potential

"learning today to enrich & empower tomorrow"

Course Code


Course Type

Skills Enrichment

Delivery Mode

Instructor Led

Course Duration

1/2 day

Course Material

Training Workbook

Training Overview

The level of motivation, dedication and energy an employee brings to their role is in part directly connected to the perceived worth of the role they play in an organization and prospects for career growth.

Helping them to value their function and the importance it brings to bear on the organization can be a potent motivator for driving productivity and performance excellence.

Unlocking Career Development Potential is an excellent training programme for encouraging continuous workplace efficiency by helping employees define their potential and take steps to own their job function, while creatively setting opportunities for career and personal growth prospects in motion.

Key Learning Modules & Objectives

Unlocking Career Development Potential

An excellent training course that allows participants to envision their value and importance of their roles while empowering them to own growth opportunities through a distinctive work ethic. 

Section 1 - Defining & Understanding the Power of the Future You

  • Knowing Your Strengths and Things at which You Excel

  • Knowing your Weaknesses and Areas in need of Development

  • Applying Personal Strengths to Step Outside of Comfort Zones with Boldness

Section 2 - Achieving Career Distinctiveness and Growth

  • My Job Belongs to Me: Owning and Taking Control of My Role

  • Influencing Career Prospects with a Distinctive Work Ethic

  • Essentials for Working Your Way to the Top


Learning & Knowledge Enrichment Outcomes

Participants in this 2 module training course will benefit from practical assessments to help them establish and broaden strength-based view of their potential. The application of principles for driving an appreciation of how they can apply a combination of personal and job specific skills to develop a meaningful work ethic, as well as guidelines for being agents of change irrespective of job level, will also feature in this training programme.

Who should attend

Junior members of Staff | New staff in orientation period | Staff in intership and career development mode  

Electronic Book

Training Methodology 

Unlocking Career Development Potential

  • Full Power Point presentation with practical sessions and role play for application and reinforcement of learning principles;


  • Case studies to provide insights and give effect to best practices;

  • Application of principles and tools in scenario based sessions  

Corporate Training

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