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Introduction to Coding

"learning today to enrich & empower tomorrow"

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Course Category

Business Management

Course Modules

11 audio/video modules

Course Duration

3 weeks

Course Material

Downloadable pdf Course Notes

Course Overview

In the modern world, we rely on technology more than we realize. We use it to send emails, video call friends, play online games, and even set bus schedules. But how do all these things work? The answer is code! Computer programming, or coding, uses sets of ones and zeros to perform important functions in our lives.  

Code is essentially the language that instructs a program what to do. There are various types of coding, each serving different purposes. While it may appear as a jumble of letters and numbers to us, to a computer, it's their native language. 

Introduction to Coding is an excellent course for gaining a deeper understanding of what coding entails, its widespread applications across various industries and its importance as an indispensable element of our modern business and technological landscape.

Introduction to Coding

3 Reasons why Coding is Important for Everyone

  • Coding Enriches Problem Solving Skills - Learning to code teaches you problem-solving skills, helping you think deeply and see situations from new perspectives, personally and professionally

  • Coding Bolsters Logical Thinking and Reasoning - Coding involves using logical reasoning to create programs. This is a crucial skill in today's digitized world of work and business for breaking down complex problems, identifying patterns, and creating step-by-step solutions.

  • Coding Broadens Creative Skills and Opportunities - Learning to code is a powerful gateway for creating meaningful tools like apps and bringing important ideas to life.

Learning Objectives & Modules

Introduction to Coding

Learning Objectives

Participants in this Introduction to Coding training course will be enabled with skills to:

  • Understand the fundamentals and application of coding 

  • Identify the different types of code

  • Understand how those different types of code are used

Learning Modules

  • Module 1 - What is Coding?

  • Module 2 - Understanding APIs

  • Module 3 - HTML Development for Everyone

  • Module 4 - PHP for Everyone

  • Module 5 - JavaScript for Everyone

  • Module 6 - Low-Code / No-Code Platforms

  • Module 7 - Using SQL in Databases

  • Module 8 - Coding: Ruby on Rails

  • Module 9 - Open-Source Software

  • Module 10 - Python for Everyone

  • Module 11 - Coding and Cybersecurity

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Learning Today to Enrich & Empower Tomorrow!

Upskill and excel today

"successful people and organizations are those who commit to continuous learning as the platform for continuous improvement. They understand that knowledge acquired yesterday may not be relevant for tomorrow and, with relentless passion, learn today to enrich and empower tomorrow"

Introduction to Coding

The decision to pursue coding skills often stems from the desire for career advancement or personal interest. However, the advantages of learning to code reach far beyond these initial motivations. Introduction to Coding aims to provide accessible and valuable coding education to a wide audience in relatable, easy to understan animated mode, enabling both working professionals and aspiring young minds to better appreciate the value of and processes related to the concept of coding.

Some key terms featuring in this learning experience include: 

coding, Application Programming Interfaces, html, preprocessor language, scripting language, JavaScript, Structured Query Language, SQL, databases, data navigation, open-source software

also included in this course:

  • pdf downloable student notes

  • audio-video modules

CERTIFICATE - Upon completion, participants will be awarded:

An Introduction to Coding Certificate of Completion

Enrollment & Payment


  • Registration and payment for this training course are prerequisites to participation.

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of one working day, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes to this course

  • In accordance with exchange control requirements, billings are done in Barbados dollars which exchange at a rate of Barbados $2 to every US$1.

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