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Lean Management: Applied Principles for Workplace Excellence

"learning today to enrich & empower tomorrow"

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Course Type

Skills Enrichment

Delivery Mode

Instructor Led

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Material

Training Manual

Training Overview

Refining skills and attaining a deeper knowledge of lean principles as the basis for driving  process efficiency, improved functionality and meaningful change, is indispnsible to the survival and growth of any organization. In reality, functioning without giving thought to and applying lean principles and methodologies, invariably always lead to unnecessary wastage, high levels of deficieny and possible irreparable damage or demise.

Developing distinguishing skills that drive end-to-end process excellence, business resilience and performance gains, through the application of continuous improvement tools is therefore vitally necessary. 

Lean Management: Applied Principles for Workplace Excellence is a must have training for bostering tasks and organizational efficiency and high-performance

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Learning Today to Enrich & Empower Tomorrow!

Upskill and Excel Today

"successful people and organizations are those who commit to continuous learning as the platform for continuous improvement. They understand that knowledge acquired yesterday may not be relevant for tomorrow and with relentless passion "learn today to enrich and empower tomorrow" 

Learning Objectives & Modules

Lean Management: Applied Principles for Workplace Excellence

Lean Management: Applied Principles for Workplace Excellence is an essential Skills Development & Organizational Enrichment Course, that exposes participants to a great set of tools to quickly evaluate functional risk and improve organizational processes and operations. This course, will among other things, equip participants with skills to:

Module 1 – The Defining Context and Concept of Lean Thinking & Management

  • Demystifying the Discipline of Lean and its Relation to Organizational Efficiency

  • Why Lean? Is it really Necessary?

  • Case Study: Making it all Count

Module 2 – Lean Strategies, Models and Processes: Principles for Actualizing Workplace Efficiency and Excellence

  • Batch 1 Principles – Mastering Organizational Assessment & Gap Analysis

  • Batch 2 Principles – Mastering Prescriptive Remedying of Organizational Deficiency Gaps and capitalizing on areas of efficiency

  • Batch 3 Principles – Mastering Process Management for Sustained Organizational Functionality

Module 3 – Applied Principles of Lean: A Socially Responsible Perspective

  • Lean and Circular Economic Activity within Organizations

  • Lean as a factor of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Activity within Organizations

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Learning & Knowledge Enrichment Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course participants will among other things be equip with skills to:

  • understand and appreciate the history, principles and tenets of Lean Thinking and Managment 

  • better define key lean principles that identify and manage organizational waste 

  • understand and implement tested process systems and controls to accomplish high levels of productive success and the achievement of strategic targets

  • understand and manage the contributory effects of organizational practices on wider socio-enviromental risks 

Who should attend

Departmental Managers | Supervisors | Team Leaders | Committee Leads | Technical Staff | Personnel earmarked for promotion 

Electronic Book

Training Methodology 

Lean Management: Applied Principles for Workplace Excellence

  • Full Power Point presentation with practical sessions and role play for application and reinforcement of learning principles;


  • Case studies to provide insights and give effect to best practices;

  • Application of principles and tools in scenario based sessions  

Corporate Training

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