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WELCOME to the Excelligence • eMeeting & Business Coaching Center, a convenient online hub dedicated to the development and nurturing of businesses to optimize resources, and developmental capacity through one-on-one excellence in business and financial management coaching.

A great element of this service is the personalize business lab feature, designed to incorporate learning, diagnosis and action planning from a range of business and finance areas of fundamental importance to the growth prospects and right functioning of a business. That’s right, just you and your coach in personalized 3 Dimensional sessions designed  to ensure enrichment of your business:

  1. Dimension 1 - Knowledge Enrichment Segment - this comprises a live learning session on the specific area of coaching identified by one of our expert coaches.

  2. Dimension 2 - Diagnostic Assessment Segment – using our 1st Phase baseline evaluation tool, we will engage in some basic business diagnosis to better position us to identify deficiency gaps and guide towards prescriptive remedying.

  3. Dimension 3 - Dialog and Action Planning Segment – this segment is devoted to robust discussion on perceived or confirmed areas of challenge, action planning  and proposed next steps 

Downloadable manuals/workbooks to assist with post meeting application and enrichment of your business are complimentary for some sessions.

In addition to our structured coaching and mentoring initiatives, you can also book a standard eMeeting for general business or financial advise.

"Investing in Excellence"

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