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Writing Effective Problem Statements
Course ID: L002 - 1

This micro-learning course will teach you how to use the 5W2H method to write effective problem statements, a key first step in solving a problem and improving processes.


This course principally covers the following subject areas: 

  • Introduction to 5W2H Method 

  • Barriers to focusing on a problem 

  • Key elements of a problem statement 

  • How to write a great problem statement 


This micro-course is one of nine modules for Lean Management 1 for which the Lean White Belt Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of all nine modules. You will be awarded a credit towards Lean Management 1 with the successful completion of this course. 

Learning Mode
audio/video power point lectures

Learning Period
1 1/2 hours 

Access Time 
access time for this course is 3 days