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When Positive Thinkers Think

A Skills Enrichment & Business Management Training Course

Course Code: SPP-EX-4003

Course Overview

Positive thinking is an extremely important trait for developing a winning personality and influencing change. The challenge is, that remaining positive in the face of various challenges can be quite difficult. In fact, negative emotions can be very debilitating, with telling affects on an individual's capacity to be cognitively strong and thoughtfully astute. 

When Positive Thinkers Think, is a potent course for developing innovative and critical thinking skills, while assessing and managing risk associated with negativity. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes When Positive Thinkers Think

In this course you will learn about:

  • Managing Negativity & Negative People - In this session, we discuss various forms of negativity, root causes for negativity and technique for early detection of negative behaviour. As well, we will examine the correlation between various different personality traits and negativity and strategies for avoiding negative impacts and influences. 

  • Thought Leadership: Thinking Before the Thinkers - We are in the age of insights where intellectual influence has been gaining rapid momentum and driving innovative developments at an alarming rate. In this session we examine the concept of thought leadership and important tools for being an "distinctive early thinker" 

  • Thinking for Me: The Power of Positive Thinking - This session is a game changer for individuals purposed on breaking moulds and "de-prisoning" from restrictive thinking. In the innovation and creativity segment of this session, participants will also have the opportunity to engage in an idea generation exercise and create an "idea bank"      

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