Training, Assessment & Resilience Building Programme 

A 4 Week Business Support Initiative

A Project • Business Enrichment™ initiative

Progressive organizations invest in continuous improvement

Programme Code: S00-L6SWB

The Excelligence Training, Assessment & Resilience Building Programme is an intensive four-weeks knowledge enrichment and business strengthening initiative, designed to help professionals, small and medium sized entities:

  • identify, assess and refine processes within their business, 

  • widen their knowledge with respect to agile management, rapid improvement (kaizen) and continuous assessment, 

  • position their future operations for lean sustainable functional excellence through the implementation of performance measures and benchmarks.  

It's no secret, businesses across the globe are under severe pressure. Managing scarce resources is more important now than ever. In fact, there is really no room for wastage. As well, we are in a rapidly changing era, that has dictated an intentional look at how we do business.

Irrespective of business size or sector, survival and remaining competitive is no longer just about the offer of a product or service; at the heart of success for tomorrow’s organization is the embedding of processes and measures that drive continuous improvement and give rise to superior customer experiences.

This programme which embodies a full business heath assessment, a two and a half weeks best practice and continuous improvement training course and two performance measurement clinics, is a vital step for reinforcing or institutionalizing measures to ensure structural soundness and resilience in your business, while fortifying short term stability and long term prospects for growth.

Simply put, this programme is about reducing business compromise and failure; its about taking preventative action to fortify and support business survival and social well-being.

Why this programme is important

Road Map 

4 interlinking areas






1. Evaluation 

Emerging evidence confirms that a lack of awareness of underlying issues affecting and infecting a significant percentage of businesses, has in part been central to their inability to function as intended.


Why this business health assessment is important? 

  • for early detection and treatment of functional deficiencies with the potential to weaken, compromise or result in business failure.

  • for building organizational resilience and taking corrective action to improve overall efficiency, functionality and profitability.

  • for improving competitiveness, export readiness and opportunities for global trade.


What will this business health assessment entail?

  • Examination of your business/organization, using a self-paced multidimensional evaluation tool, across 12 business critical areas, using 80+ assessment measures.

  • Identification and assessment of organizational risk gaps, within the array of business critical and assessment measures.

  • Descriptive report with identified risk gaps, to position your business to take corrective action to improve overall functionality


2. Learning & Professional Development  

Course S00-L6SWB

Effective Process Management + Agile

4 Week self-paced online Training Course 

Enrollment - at time of registration to the programme 

Course Overview, Objectives & Learning Outcomes

This Course offers an essential professional development experience and a great set of tools to help you:

  • quickly evaluate and implement tested process systems and controls, especially from a risk perspective using process mapping, FMEA, error-proofing and visual management to adapt existing processes for the short term, while allowing more time to redesign processes over the long-term.

  • engage in rapid improvement (kaizan)

  • implement agile methodologies 

  • activate systematic review of existing products while improving work place efficiency and customer experiences, 

  • accomplish improved levels of productive success and the achievement strategic targets

  • appreciate the concept of process & continuous improvement as an important prerequisite to cost management....and so much more  

Be positioned to construct SIPOC diagrams to provide a high-level view of a process, incorporating key information about suppliers, process inputs, the process itself, and the key outputs required by customers

Understand and appreciate the history and principles of Lean, Six Sigma and the DMAIC approach to process variation

Understand and be positioned to implement 5S/6S workplace environment strategies.

Learn how to leverage visual workplace principles, methods and techniques to enable a work environment to become self-ordering, self-explaining, self-regulating and self-improving.

  • 18 Course Modules

  • excel tools and templates

  • downloadable 3 slide per page workbook 


Time Commitment


Minimum 5 Hours per week or 1 hour per day

3. Risk Review Clinic

4. Benchmarking Clinic  


What to Expect

This online clinic will primarily focus on the results from the Segment 1 business health assessment, examining gaps across the 80+ indicators while giving definition to likely impacts and proposed initial prescriptive actions.


Each participant will receive a copy of their Business Health Diagnostic report ahead of the clinic, the content of which will form the basis for dialog, action planning and identification of sources of organizational resilience and sustained growth.

What to Expect

This final segment of the programme will will principally exposed participants to a range of key performance measures and benchmarks as the basis for establishing a mechanism for monitoring and controlling key aspects of their operations.


An important element of this online session will also be the setting of milestones and introduction of participants to The Excelligence Business Enrichment Hub a virtual space dedicated to fostering business growth, B2B networking and development partnerships. 

Registration & Payment 

Excelligence Business Assessment & Capacity Building Programme 


  • Registration and payment for this assessment, training and development programme is a prerequisite to access and participation.  

  • Registration and electronic invoicing is by way of the below gold button. 

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of two working days, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and

    • access codes to the business evaluation platform,

    • password and log in details for the training development course (access to the course will be for a period of two and a half weeks. Request for extensions beyond the completion date will be required in writing).  

    • information for accessing meeting room for session clinics

  • Queries can be directed to

Cost - US$530.25 | Bds$1,060.50

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