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The Lecture Hall is a digital hub conceptualized and designed to provide dynamic, interactive learning experiences that sign-post important concepts, best practices and subject matter across a range of business areas. Learning experiences within "The Hall" by nature are  structured to be:

Practical and supportive of continuous skills improvement and the application of theory in practice

Time-conscious with a distinct focus on short, engaging "byte-sized" learning and professional development.

Interactive with opportunity on some subject matters for collaborative learning, that encourages active dialog and the dissecting of theories and concepts.

  • On Demand
    Self Paced | 36 Hour Access
    Agile Fundamentals
    We are in an era where change keeps changing, demanding in the circumstance highly flexible responses that are anticipatory and adaptive. This session, an introduction to Agile principles, methods, and tools for software development is a solutions focused lecture of immense importance
  • On Demand
    Self-Paced | 36 hour access
    Introduction to Lean
    A key component of Business and Professional Development is the inculcation of Lean Principles and Methodologies as important disciplines for achieving end-to-end process excellence, continuous improvement & performance gains. This lecture, with downloadable excel templates is a professional must
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An affordable learning initiative designed for short manageable learning experiences ("bytes") with credits towards

Lean Management Level 1 



...all lectures are available for 36 hours after registration 

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Learning today to enrich & empower tomorrow

...deep within the bosom of every human is some gifting; a talent that defines them as unique; an endowment that’s distinctive and irreplaceable. God the Creator planted it in you not for ornamental purposes but for the expansion of you and those you have been given the privilege to influence. Identify it and use it. 

Investing in 

Organizational Excellence 

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