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A Business Start-up Training & Development Programme

The Excelligence Starting Right Training & Development Programme is a 3 Dimensional business support initiative, designed to help startups establish resilient businesses, minimize early stage compromise and position for success and growth.

Among the great elements of this programme is the two week self-paced Lean Management Training Course and the instructor led Business Development Labs, designed to provide a unique blend of diagnostics, insights, analysis and action planning to give a solid start to your business.

These are augmented by a great set of tools to help you quickly evaluate "at risk" processes and areas in your business and take short term corrective actions to design and strategize for functional excellence.

nurturing and enabling businesses to realize functional efficiencies, developmental capacity and profitability.


 development training 

3d Business Start-up

participants will be provided with our Starting Right Business Planning kit to assist with establishing focus, planning and financial forecast. This dimension will be supported by two scheduled online labs after the diagnostic segment

development planning

using our pre-session baseline evaluation, participants will be engaged in a readiness assessment to better position them to identify gaps that can impede opportunities for growth & revenue generation. This dimension will be supported by one scheduled online diagnostic lab after the development training segment

program of learning for understanding the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and its broad importance to process and continuous improvement within an organization.

The failure rate for start-ups across sectors continues to be a cause for much concern. In some sectors this has been as high as 80% within two years of start up. Important in this regard is the vast amount of capital that's injected into start-ups which does not translate to long-term value or meaningful benefits for business owners and in several instances investors in one form or another.

Statistics suggest that 46% of failures have been due to a lack of awareness of issues that are undermining the business, 30% managerial inexperience and 11% industry Inexperience. Examples of issues that have undermined start-ups include but are not limited to strategic myopia, poor or no business planning, weak operational framework, inconsistent product quality and poor or no accounting.

Mindful of these and other issues the Excelligence Starting Right programme, by way of it's 3 Dimensional framework will broadly examines a series of readiness factors as important prerequisites to ensuring structural integrity for your business, while helping you to build a framework and development plan that can attract and sustain revenue flows in the medium to long term.

Why Starting Right • Business Labs  is important 

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businesses for excellence tomorrow!

 Road Map 


1. Diagnostic Evaluation 

Emerging evidence confirms that a lack of awareness of underlying issues affecting and infecting a significant percentage of businesses, has in part been central to their inability to function as intended.

Why this business readiness assessment is important? 

  • for early detection and treatment of functional deficiencies with the potential to weaken, compromise or result in business failure.

  • for building organizational resilience and taking corrective action to improve overall efficiency, functionality and profitability.

  • for improving competitiveness and consistency in overall operations.<