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Starting Right Business Enrichment Semin

Starting Right • Business Labs™

 Starting Right™ is a business enablement initiative of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence, designed to help start-ups build platforms of resilience and high performance while minimizing early stage compromise or risk of failure.

In addition to introducing and enforcing important principles for fortifying organizational resilience, Starting Right also underscores the importance of continuous assessment as an improvement prerequisite of growth and long-term survival.


It compels participant businesses and business owners to give thought to why some companies come into and stay in existence for hundreds of years while others die prematurely. It explores the bewildering failure statistics for start-ups across the globe, where upwards to 80% are more prevalent in small island developing states, with open vulnerable economies.

The major output from starting right is a comprehensive business plan and supporting framework for proper reporting and assessment of business performance. 


opportunities for growth & development


Can the high failure rate among start-ups be reduced and what is required for them to manage and sustain a high performing business?

Investing in 

Organizational Excellence 

Please feel free to contact us for further details or to register for an upcoming Starting Right Business Labs™ 

This engaging start up lab, punctuated with case analysis for solidifying business enrichment principles and measures for driving organizational success, among other things, expose participants to:

  1. The essentials of organizational design as the basis for structural soundness and effective functioning;

  2. Key performance indicators for effective management, monitoring and timely decision-making 

  3. Practical money management for bolstering business success.

  4. Fundamentals for brand building and bolstering of market penetration. 

Preparing today's business   for excellence tomorrow!

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