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A Skills Enrichment & Business Financial Management Training Course


Course Code: TD-4006

Course Overview

Pricing is among the most important decisions made by both profit-making and non-profit organizations on a daily basis. In several respects, it is also an important factor for defining meaningful customer relations while safeguarding a position in the market over extended periods. In fact, there is a very evident correlation between the price of a product or service and the ability of an organization to retain customers and grow it's slice of the market.


Understanding and managing the pricing process within an organization to correctly account for market dynamics and realize revenue growth is consequently both necessary and vital to long term viability.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Pricing for Profit and Growth

Included in this course are the following sessions: 

  • The Defining Context of Pricing - In this session we will examine the concept and elements of pricing, with particular reference to business and answer the question "What is Pricing?" 

  • Fundamentals of Pricing Strategies and Processes - this all important session will explore pricing strategy as an important mechanism for securing long-term growth, and will engage participants in an in-depth look at the crucial steps for establishing a resilient pricing strategy

  • Pricing Models: Concept & Practical Considerations - In this session we examine a series of pricing models and case analysis to give context to the suitability of one model over another based on industry structure 

  • Techniques for Drafting & Implementing a Workable Pricing Policy - this practical session will walk participants through an actual pr