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The Power of Professional Presence

A Skills Enrichment & Business Management Training Course

Course Code: SPP-S1-2002

Course Overview

Irrespective of career, professionalism when exhibited at any is an extremely potent quality for attaining success and securing long-term career gains. In fact, ongoing research confirms that individuals committed to pursuing and displaying high levels of professionalism, flourish in their roles, are highly respected and enjoy less career conflict.  

The Power of Professional Presence, is an absolutely essential course for understanding and practically applying the finer tenets of professional and leveraging them for establishing a commanding business and workplace presence. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes The Power of Professional Presence

In this course you will learn about:

  • The Language of Professional Presence - In this session participants will be introduced to the defining elements of professional presence and its general characterization across various business and lifestyle dimensions. 

  • The Ingredients of Professional Presence - First Impressions are powerful influencers; they set the tone for early evaluation and opportunity to effectively engage in business. In this session we explore several key tenets for developing the professional you.

  • Leveraging Professional Presence - Walking the talk of a professional image can be quite intimidating and more so when outside of typical social and cultural settings. This section is loaded with guidelines for maintaining and optimizing the professional you.

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