Workplace Satisfaction: Is Something Wrong with this Organization?

Updated: Dec 30, 2017

Sometime ago we assessed a regional financial services firm. Among the areas of assessment was “staff satisfaction levels” within the organization. Our findings indicated among other things the following:

1. Level of enjoyment working for the company – 58.33% indicated they enjoyed working for the company. 43.67% indicated sometimes.

2. Adequacy of salary for the job being performed – 8.33% indicated they were satisfied, 88.33% indicated they were not satisfied and 8.33% indicated they were satisfied sometimes.

3. Desire to work with the company for the next 5 years – 62.50% said they would work with the company for the next 5 years while 37.50% had no desire to work with the company over the next 5 years.

4. Perception of opportunity to progress in the company – 45.83% were satisfied they were opportunities to progress – 54.17% didn’t.

5. Conviction that the policies of the company were fair – 52.17% were of the opinion that company polices were fair. 13.04% thought they were sometimes and 34.78% didn’t think company policies were fair.

6. Level of enjoyment interacting and working with management – 41.67% of staff indicated they enjoyed interacting and working with management while 50% attested to only doing so sometimes and 8.33% were outright in their view that they did not enjoy interacting and working with management.

7. Perception that the company is well organized – None of the staff were of the view that the company was well organized. In fact, 66.67% were of the view that the company was in need of good organization while 33.33% opined that it was well organized sometimes.

8. Perception that the company had good potential – 83.33% were unanimous that the company had good potential while 16.67% perceived that potential was evident sometimes.

9. View by staff that other staff were happy to be a part of the company – Alarmingly only 8.33% were of the view that their work colleagues enjoyed being a part of the company. 50% were not of that view and 41.67% opined that they appeared to be happy to be a part of the company sometimes.

Interestingly, there is a view that this may be the norm for a wide range of companies and can very well be indicative of organizations within the Caribbean. How does this organization compare with yours?

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