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Joint Stakeholders

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Existent in every organization is an indisputable level of joint ownership that requires measured and manage cohesiveness to give effect to optimum returns. Yep, each person within an organization owns a #process and the #excellence with which that process is executed. Bottlenecks in the flow of an organization are really a reflection of fragmented or compromised processes.

When the context within which an organization operates changes, the processes that drive its operations will change, though marginally; but what about those significant changes that are met with the notion “this is the way we do it” or “if it is not broken, don’t fix it”. Quick question, who determines that it is not broken? Oh, by the way, it may not be broken, but have you noticed that underlying crack? Ignore it and live with the false notion that nothing is broken, but time will tell.

Times have dictated a resetting of operational #processes to embody and institutionalize systematic methods for reducing and eliminating waste.

Hey just slow down and put some #systems in place to cultivate an environment where every process is owned, every process owner is respected, and every process is executed with excellence. It will help you to speed up.

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