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Focus - Don't Give up - Focus

If we take our lead from the situations around us, depression and a sense of hopelessness and despair will very likely rule our day, not to mention our lives. Very often in such circumstances the challenge moves from outside of us to the inside, resulting in relentless frustration and all we see and focus on is the problem. Recent statistics about the challenges confronting especially small and medium enterprises that rely on their businesses to feed their families is nothing short of a nightmare. Though supported by subsidies and stimulus packages, which government and other agencies must be commended for, the challenge is still quite formidable. Can I encourage you, ...recapture yourself and your thoughts; give the genius in you opportunity to rise up. Take your “focus” off the challenges, and set site on solutions, greatness and outcomes. Giving up is an option, just that it is not yours. Your time of accomplishment has been defined by a power greater than you and your role does not end until your role comes to an end. Giving up may be an option, but NOT within the characterization of your role. Focus and keep going! >

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