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A few valuable reminders: -

✔ Practically every outcome in #business and life is driven by some pre occurring action(s) or influential effect – Defining the “why” can often give greater meaning to the “what-next”.

✔ Formal or not, all organizations are driven by a myriad of daily activities that generate some type of #effect upon the organization, as well as people interrelating with the organization – To disregard or discount the evidence of broken #processes or systems that lead to broken promises, in and of itself will have consequential outcomes.

✔ The inability to either fully control all contributing factors to a particular outcome or mobilize our best selves to appropriately #manage some factors as they occur, is very real and ever present – Devote yourself to #excellence in “what if” and “scenario planning”. It may very well save the day.

✔ The outcomes of tomorrow are invariably defined by the actions of today – Being mindful of our actions and their contributing #effect is vital to defining the extent of our capacity to be value-added agents of change.

✔ If positioned to prevent outcomes that can result in negative impacts, take immediate action; it is unlikely you will reflect with regret.

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