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Activating Your Business Vision: 3 Important Steps

So you have this great vision you have formulated for your business or organization you are employed with. You are quite passionate about it and rightfully so. You have worked hard to develop it and are more than convince that it is vitally viable. There is however one problem; you sense that you are excited alone and your colleagues and other stakeholders seemingly are not on the moon with you. Why can’t they see what you are seeing? Why are they lackluster about getting on board with you to pursue your credible legitimate vision? You may want to consider the following:

  • Your vision is your vision. Transferring it from “your level of perception” to “the level of perception of those you are sharing it with” is of absolute importance - if they have difficulty seeing, understanding and relating to it, then it will never be effectively shared.

  • It should evoke a sense of joint ownership by those to whom it is being conveyed – if they own it, they will personalize and drive it

  • The pursuit and outcomes of your vision should be characterized by a “why” - otherwise said it should inspire a level of excitement and passion to pursue

Try stepping back and ask yourself a few questions

  • What is it I am seeing that I want others to see?

  • What can I do to get them on board and excited about my vision?

  • Why am I pursuing this vision and why should those I am seeking to onboard want to be a part of it?

A shared vision is a place of strength and power which, when correctly operationalized has the capacity to be the catalyst of progress for many.

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