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WELCOME to the Excelligence Business Enrichment Hub, a virtual space dedicated to fostering business growth, B2B networking, development partnerships and the enabling of opportunities for eTrade. 

The Hub primarily comprise of two (2) interlinking areas:

The Business Enrichment Network - the excellence community component by which "affiliates" can access a range of online tools and services for business enrichment, continuous improvement and professional development.   


The Virtual Expo & eTrade Center - an exhibition space for showcasing, promoting and securing opportunities for trade and B2B Networking


Collaborating & working in tandem to make a difference 

As a network affiliate you can automatically: 

  1. Create awareness and promote the products/services of your business organization in a dedicated space within the Excelligence Virtual Expo and eTrade Center  (includes details of contact information, direct links to your web page and social media sites and much more)

  2. Source and supply business leads

  3. Form and nurture wide ranging value added partnerships.

  4. Have complimentary access to monthly business enrichment webinars

  5. Benefit from complimentary one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions

  6. Select and package online coaching and related services to match your organizational needs  at competitive pricing. 

  7. Benefit from a range of discounted support services




Affiliation Categories

Business Support Packages 




  • Basic Access to Virtual Expo & eTrade Center 

  • Access to monthly Webinars

  • Access to one (1) Lean Six Sigma Course monthly

  • 5% Discount on CCOE Services  


US$15 | Bds$30




  • Full Access to Virtual Expo & eTrade Center 

  • Access to monthly Webinars

  • Access to two (2) Lean Six Sigma Courses monthly

  • 7.5% Discount on CCOE Services  


US$25 | Bds$50




  • Basic Access to Virtual Expo & eTrade Center 

  • Access to monthly Webinars

  • Access to five (5) Lean Six Sigma Courses monthly

  • Complimentary copy of Business Financial Tracker

  • 10% Discount on CCOE Services  


US$45 | Bds$90

Application for Affiliation


Business Enrichment Network

Please feel free to contact us for further details on 

Affiliation or to book any of our Services for your organization

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