Personal Branding for Corporate Success
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Personal Branding for Corporate Success

A Skills Enrichment & Business Management Training Course

Course Code: SPP-S1-2003

Course Overview

The importance of building and maintaining a positive personal brand cannot be overemphasized. It is the basis for attaining unimaginable success and influencing meaningful change. As a matter of fact, strong positive personal brands carry with them significant voice power and the potential covey very powerful non-verbal messages.   

Personal Branding for Corporate Success, is a must take course that will empower you with the tools for assessing and building a successful personal brand, profiling as a refine individual and developing trusted business relationship. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes  Personal Branding for Corporate Success

In this course you will learn about:

  • The Defining Context of Personal Brands - In this session participants are introduced to key factors that define and give effect to personal brand equity and the varied cross cutting relations to corporate and business success. The concept of value-based personal branding and related theories are also explored

  • The Legacy Power of Personal Brands - Personal brands have perpetual power. In this engaging session participants will have the opportunity to assess the strength of their personal brand while examining case studies of personal brands that resulted in meaningful, value-added, long term impact. 

  • Personal Brands: 5 Winning Principles - This session will systematically walk participants through the process of building a solid personal brand that stands out, as well as important principles for maintaining and managing brand amendments to leverage long term success. 

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Learning Mode


Learning Period

1 session - 2 hours 

Session Times 

6:00pm to 8:00pm




Guidance Notes

Laptop and Phone

Enrollment & Payment 


  • Registration and payment for this training course is a prerequisite to participation.  

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