Practical Money Management

for Individuals

A Financial Fitness Course

…designed to enable financial resilience, fitness and well-being. Includes…

  • modules on budgeting, debt management investing and more

  • financial planning kit

  • monthly financial tracker

“building financial resilience, fitness & well-being”

Comprehensive Program

An excellence in money management course, design to empower and enable financial resilience, fitness and wellness. Includes wide range of tools, money management models and more.....

Digital Downloads

  • Monthly Financial Tracker  (Complimentary)

  • Financial Planning Kit (Complimentary)  

Money Management Handbook

Participants in the programme can optionally purchase the  Practical Money Management Workbook/Manual  at the discounted price of US$18  

Broad Course Outline

Section 1

Financial Fitness Assessment

  • Financial Fitness & Reality Check 

  • Impact of Financial Challenges on Well-being 

Section 2

Fundamentals of Budgeting 

  • Budgeting & Budgeting Techniques 

  • Cash Flow Planning & Budgeting

Section 3

Savings & Investment Planning

  •  Savings as the basis for long term investments 

  • Basics for effective investment planning