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Own the opportunity to learn at your pace in manageable "bytes" 

The Micro Learning Hub is a digital learning center, designed to provide practical "byte-sized" learning experiences that support the development of skills and competencies across a range of career and business specific areas. Learning in this in this space is:

Practical and supportive of continuous skills improvement and the application of theory in practice

Time-conscious with a distinct focus on short, engaging "byte-sized" learning.

Insightful with opportunities from time to time for collaborative learning, that encourages active dialog and the dissecting of theories and concepts.

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The Micro Learning Hub


  • 500+ micro courses

  • 60+ knowledge & personal enrichment areas

  • 24/7 access to learning & growth

  • easy learning video 

A skills enrichment initiative, designed for short manageable learning experiences ("bytes") with credits towards 60+ Certificate programmes

An affordable course by course opportunity for individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge and equip with skills for achieving personal and professional excellence   



  • Registration and payment is a prerequisite to participation in this initiative.  

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of one working day, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes

  • In accordance with exchange control requirements, billings are done in Barbados dollars which exchange at a rate of Barbados $2 to every US$1.

US$24.95 | Bds$49.90
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