Course Code: L00-LWB

2 week self-paced online course 

Professional Development & Business Enrichment Course

Course Overview 

Lean Management - Level 1, is a 9 Module professional development course for upskilling and retooling in Lean principles, disciplines and methodologies that will give effect to efficient resource, workplace and business management.

In addition to creating a disciplined focus on best management and deployment of resources to achieve end-to-end process excellence, continuous improvement and performance gains across professional and enterprise functions, this White Belt Course will broaden your learning and understanding in the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and its essential importance to process efficiency and continuous improvement.

Included in this this course are sessions that will enable you to:

  • better define the tenets and value of lean thinking and management  

  • engage in, plan and execute rapid improvement projects (kaizen)

  • understand and implement tested process systems and controls

  • accomplish improved levels of productive success and goal alignment

  • better define and manage points of wastage and improve cost management,

  • improve workplace functionality, process flows and task execution.   

Lean Management Level 1 is an excellent programme for empowering business owners, professionals, supervisory staff and individuals keen on up-skilling to attain career excellence using lean principles, tools and methods.

Cost - US$134.75 | Bds$269.50

Lean Management Level 1 White Belt Course

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Among the modules included in your Lean Management 1 White Belt Course are:


  • Introduction to Lean Thinking:  The history and five principles of Lean, defining value, the eight wastes, "Flow" and Value Streams and Kaizen rapid improvement.

  • Introduction to Kaizen an important element and method for key ethods for he 5W2H method for writing effective problem statements, use the “Five Why" and defining improvement goals.

  • Writing Effective Problem Statements:  The 5W2H method for writing effective problem statements, use the “Five Why" and defining improvement goals.

  • Efficient and Effective Workplaces:  Establishing and supporting 5S/6S standards, improving visual workplace, implementing and sustaining standard work, and participating in team "Huddles"


...and a range of other modules

  • 9 Course Modules

  • audio/visual power point lectures for all 9 modules

  • excel tools and templates

  • downloadable 3 slide per page workbook 


Time Commitment


Minimum 5.5 Hours per week or maximum 1 hour per day  

Learning today to enrich and empower tomorrow!

Enrollment & Payment

Lean Management - Level 1 


  • Registration and payment for this training course is a prerequisite to access and participation.  

  • Registration and electronic invoicing is by way of the below gold button. 

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of one working day, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes to this course.

  • Access to this course is for a period of two weeks from the date of notification. Requests for extensions beyond the completion date will be required in writing.

  • Queries can be directed to

Cost - US$134.75 | Bds$269.50

Learning today to enrich and empower tomorrow

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