Lean Six Sigma

Lean & Six Sigma

Importance of Lean Six Sigma as an Improvement  Strategy

"Moment by moment, we embrace the opportunity to help businesses discover and sustainably achieve their financial and economic goals”

Inherent to every organization, large or small, formal or informal, local or international is a deep-rooted link between their purpose of existence and processes that support their existence. While their purpose finds expression in strategic configurations, their functionality and competitiveness is indisputably the manifest of an effective operating framework.

Lean Six Sigma is an evidenced-based, data-centric methodology, aimed at improving customer experiences and organizational results, through the application of tested tools designed to prevent defects, reduce variations, condense cycle times and eliminate waste, while enhancing overall process controls, producing quality outputs and driving high performance.

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Lean Six Sigma Certification

The RPM Academy Lean Six Sigma Certification is a globally recognized standard.

It provides alumni with formal confirmation of their mastery of the principles, tools and methods appropriate for the program completed. 


To receive Certification from RPM-Academy, a student must;

  • Complete formal training for specific All-Access Online Course Programme Online.

  • Successfully write a formal, online Certification exam (derived from required courses).

  • Submit evidence of the ability to successfully apply some of the tools and methods appropriate for the level of Certification desired.

Certifications currently offered and related requirements 

  • Effective Process Managers: Course completion, online Certification exam, and demonstrated application of process management tools included in EPM program.