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Course Code: S00-L6SBB

Course Overview 

24 Week self-paced online | 60 modules

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course is the quintessential of skills enrichment in analytical excellence, process efficiency and highly refined quality leadership. In addition to driving improvement results using lean six sigma concepts and advanced statistical techniques, this course is also a bastion for excellence in project management leadership and the nurturing of high-performance teams. 

A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professional not only possesses the complete body of knowledge for Lean Six Sigma (LSS BoK) but is also a leader for change and continuous improvement.

This course will among other things enable you to:

  • deploying a sustainable Lean strategy using proven statistical tools such as Hoshin (Kanri) Planning, the X-Matrix, Catchball and Bowling Charts

  • develop a systematic approach to harmonizing an inter-related set of activities to maximize productivity and derive optimum value

  • identify and reduce energy waste while managing carbon taxes and support emissions reductions in general

  • manage Lean and Green supply chains hone skills for environmental accounting 

  • develop the skills and techniques to quantify voice of the customer (VOC) using Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • design Six Sigma principles and methods using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and the House of Quality (HOQ) framework 


The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an excellent programme for empowering business owners, professionals, mid and senior management staff and individuals keen on up-skilling to attain career excellence using six sigma and lean principles, tools and methods.

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Lean Six Sigma 

Black Belt


the quintessential of skills enrichment in analytical excellence, process efficiency and highly refined quality leadership

....also included in this course are 

  • audio/video power point lectures for all 60 modules

  • excel tools and templates for immediate application of learnt principles for some modules

  • downloadable 3 slide per page workbook

Note: Persons undertaking this course will require the use statistical software. Included in the cost for this course is one license for the SigmaXL software.

Enrollment & Payment

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


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  • Access to this course is for a period of twenty-four weeks from the date of notification. Requests for extensions beyond the completion date will be required in writing.

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