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The quintessential of analytical excellence, process efficiency and quality leadership 

Systems of management are fundamental to the effective development of organizations irrespective of size or sector. In fact, without a well articulated management framework, dysfunctional processes, poor change management and less than optimum productivity will invariably occur. In the circumstance, developing skills to effectively measure, structure and analyze performance problems is vital. 

Certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt gives effect to the acquisition of analytical skill sets which, in addition to driving improvement results using lean concepts and advanced statistical techniques, are a bastion for leadership, excellence in project management and the nurturing of high-performance teams


A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt not only possesses the complete body of knowledge for Lean Six Sigma (LSS BoK) but is a leader for change and continuous improvement. This analytical advantage comes from the blending of the Lean body of knowledge with Six Sigma tools for analyzing process variation and turning that into a strategic advantage for high-impact process improvement.

Certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt... an vital resource for leading process efficiency, organizational excellence  and attaining the distinction  of proven high quality leadership.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification includes a wide range of courses commencing with the history and principles of Lean, Six Sigma, the DMAIC approach and an extensive body of knowledge including but by no means limited to Analysis of Variances, Analysis of Means, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Simple Linear Regression and so much more.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - download full course outline


Note: Persons undertaking this course will require the use statistical software. Included in the cost for this course is one license for the SigmaXL software.


Learning Path 

Sixty (60) 


Learning & Access

120 approximate hours (24 weeks programme)


3 slide per page workbook (each course)


Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Designation

Registration & Payment 

Bridging the Way to Organizational

Excellence & Resilience


  • Registration and payment for this training course is a prerequisite to access and participation.  

  • Registration and electronic invoicing is by way of the below gold button. 

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of two working days, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes to this course.

  • Access to courses are for varying periods from the date of confirmation of registration. Request for extensions beyond completion dates will be required in writing.

  • Queries can be directed to admin@organizational-excellence.com

Cost - US$972.50 | Bds$1,945.00       

“bridging the way to organizational excellence and resilience”

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