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An indispensable  prerequisite for driving evidenced based change and excellence in strategic decisions

A systematic approach to harmonizing an inter-related set of activities to maximize productivity and derive optimum value finds basis in tested methodologies that can be trusted to give accurate data by which responsible decisions and change can be undertaken.

Lean Green Belt is an essential resource for driving organizational change.  In fact, organizations embracing Lean as a strategy for continuous improvement depend on their Green Belts to lead impactful projects and promote the use of basic quality and Lean methods across the enterprise.

Understanding the Lean body of knowledge and developing the capabilities to leverage quality tools, project management and change management techniques, while supporting the functional success of process improvement environments where rapid improvement (kaizen) events, value stream mapping or the implementation of 5S and other workplace organization tools are employed is central to Lean Green Belt training.

Certification as a Lean Green Belt... an essential resource for driving evidenced based change while supporting strategic positioning, quality decision making and highly successful project outcomes 

Lean Green Belt Certification

Your Lean Green Belt Certification includes:

  • Introduction to Lean Thinking:  The history and five principles of Lean, defining value, the eight wastes, "Flow" and Value Streams and Kaizen rapid improvement.

  • Introduction to Six Sigma:  The history of Six Sigma, the DMAIC approach, process variation and Y = f(x), DPMO, the "Hidden Factory" and the Critical to (CT) Tree.

  • Writing Effective Problem Statements:  The 5W2H method for writing effective problem statements, use the “Five Why" and defining improvement goals.

  • Efficient and Effective Workplaces:  Establishing 5S/6S standards, improving visual workplace, implementing standard work, and engaging your team in "Huddles".

  • Cause & Effect and Pareto Charts:  Facilitate brainstorming and, cause and effect sessions, group voting and the use of Pareto Charts to focus on the "vital few".

  • Error-Proofing & Rapid Changeover Techniques:  “Poka Yoke” for error-proofing.  Rapid/Quick changeover techniques to reduce batches and achieve single piece flow.

  • Process Control Plans and Control Charts:  Implementing process control plans and selecting and constructing control charts and run charts to capture the voice of the process


....and a range of other courses

Lean Green Belt - download full course outline

Learning Path 

Twenty-eight (28 


Learning & Access

40 approximate hours

(6 weeks programme)


3 slide per page workbook (each course)


Certified Lean Green Belt Designation

Registration & Payment 

Bridging the Way to Organizational Excellence & Resilience


  • Registration and payment for this training course is a prerequisite to access and participation.  

  • Registration and electronic invoicing is by way of the below gold button. 

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of two working days, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes to this course.

  • Access to courses are for varying periods from the date of confirmation of registration. Request for extensions beyond completion dates will be required in writing.

  • Queries can be directed to admin@organizational-excellence.com


Cost - US$377.88 | Bds$755.75       ​

“bridging the way to organizational excellence and resilience”

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