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Professional Development & Business Enrichment Course


Course Code: L00-LBB

Course Overview 

8 Week self-paced online course | 38 modules


Lean Thinking and Management is crucial for achieving all aspects of improved functionality and financial performance. In fact, functioning without giving thought to and applying lean principles and methodologies, invariably leads to unnecessary wastage, irreparable damage or possible demise.

Lean Management - Level 4 is an indispensable professional development course designed to equip you with skills for driving high-impact process improvement projects, while equally adding valued technical assistance in the development and aligning of continuous improvement strategies that support meaningful change and effective process leadership.

Objectives & Learning Outcomes

This Lean Management Level 4 Black Belt Course will among other things enable you to:

  • aptly apply lean tools to analyze process behavior,

  • understand the finer elements of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM),

  • define Lean and Green principles and methods for Lean deployment, 

  • lead impactful projects and promote the use of basic quality and lean methods across the enterprise.

  • develop a systematic approach to harmonizing an inter-related set of activities to maximize productivity and derive optimum value

  • effectively engage in and manage process improvements and organizational change

  • promote the use of basic quality and Lean methods across the enterprise.

  • accomplish improved levels of productive success and goal alignment

  • better define and manage points of wastage and improve cost management,

  • improve workplace functionality, process flow, task execution ....and so much more


Lean Management Level 4 is an excellent programme for empowering business owners, professionals, mid-management staff and individuals keen on up-skilling to attain career excellence using lean principles, tools and methods.

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Lean Management - Level 4

A Lean Black Belt Course 

"Refining skills sets and attaining a deeper knowledge of lean principles as the basis for driving meaningful change while leveraging a range of  quality, project management and process efficiency tools are among the most sought after management and improvement techniques in today's dynamic world of business" ~ JDaCB 

Invest in Career Development

Learning Mode
audio/video power point lectures

Learning Period
self-paced over
a 6 week period  

Session Times 
recommend 1 hour a day 


3 slide per page workbook

...also included in this course are downloadable excel tools and templates for immediate application of learnt principles for some modules


Upon completion, participants will be awarded a Lean Black Belt Certificate of Completion 


Enrollment & Payment 

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  • Registration and payment for this training course is a prerequisite to participation.  

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of one working day, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes to this course.

  • Access to this course is for a period of seven weeks from the date of notification. Requests for extensions beyond the completion date will be required in writing.