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Interpersonal Skills & Business Etiquette

Course Code: SPP-S1-2001

A Skills Enrichment & Personal Development Training Course

Course Overview

Interpersonal skills are of absolute importance to success in our personal lives and the world of business. In fact, understanding and applying the correct behavioral traits in varying circumstances and among different people and audiences is of indispensable value for establishing lasting impressions and inspiring worthwhile opportunities.

In reality, excelling professionally will necessitate building a personal brand that’s driven by a well-informed “social skills and etiquette tool-box”.

Interpersonal Skills and Business Etiquette, is an indispensable micro-learning course for creating a distinctive edge and social skills that will empower you to confidently exhibit a winning personal and professional image.  

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Interpersonal Skills & Business Etiquette

In this course you will learn about:

  • The Value and Commanding Influence of a Professional Image - This immensely valuable session will primarily introduce participants to a range of important skills for developing and maintaining a winning image and competent interactions. Social rules for driving effective communications, relations and key aspects of socialization will feature in this session. 

  • Business Etiquette: Introduction to Cross Cultural Differences - Within a globalized environment where cross-border business interactions are becoming increasingly the norm, developing the requisite skills to effectively engage and set the tone for winning impressions is vital. In this session we will examine the fundamentals cross cultural etiquette and some tools for effectively engaging in international communications.

  • Techniques for Building and Leveraging a Winning Image - In this session, we introduce participants to our Image Development and Social Skills Canvas. In addition to engaging participants on its importance as a tool for systematically developing and maintaining an on-point wining image, copies of the tools will be made available for post session Image Visioning, Planning, Development and Implementation.

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Learning Mode


Learning Period
1 session - 1 1/2 hours 

Session Time 
6:30pm to 8:00pm




Guidance Notes

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Enrollment & Payment 


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