Global Citizenship, Etiquette & Protocol
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Global Citizenship, Etiquette & Protocols

Course Code: SPP-EX-4001

A Skills Enrichment & Business Management Training Course

Course Overview

In reality, we now live in a global community with a myriad of opportunities for trade and interaction with individuals and businesses with vastly different cultures. Consequently, what's normal in one culture can vary widely and be very offensive in another.


Global Citizenship, Etiquette and Protocols, is must take training course that examines the concept of global citizenship and its importance in a highly globalized social and business environment. More central to this programme of training is the examination and analysis of a range of protocols on a country by country basis and how these can be leveraged to drive solid business relations, social interactions and advance thinking as a global citizen.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Global Citizenship, Etiquette & Protocols

In this course you will learn about:

  • The Changing World of Work & Business - In this session we examine the unfolding nature of global business and the connective power of communities and cultures on the development and emergence of "global citizens". This session also proposes global citizenship as a naturally emerging factor that demands a developmental response by professionals,