Fundamentals of Business Process Improve
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Course Code: L00-FBPI

Course Overview 

1 Week self-paced online  

5 modules

Fundamentals of Business Process Improvement is an essential 5 Module course for learning and applying important results-based tools and techniques for mapping, evaluating and controlling processes within a business.

This course will provide participants with the skills required for supporting end-to-end process excellence that translates into meaningful enterprise functions, while broadening learning on basic theories of Lean Thinking and Management as an essential discipline for effective resource and process efficiency.

Fundamentals of Business Process Improvement is an excellent programme for empowering business owners, professionals, supervisory staff and individuals keen on up-skilling on basic process management tools and techniques

Fundamentals of Business Process Improvement 

Course Modules

Included in your FBPI Course are the following modules:


  • Introduction to Lean Thinking:  The history and five principles of Lean, defining value, the eight wastes, "Flow" and Value Streams and Kaizen rapid improvement.

  • SIPOC Mapping: Techniques for constructing SIPOC diagrams to provide a high-level view of a process, incorporating key information about suppliers, process inputs, the process itself, and the key outputs required by customers.

  • Mapping the Process: In this session you will learn how to map a process using process flow mapping tools and techniques.

  • Controlling the Process: This session is a great introduction to statistical process control (SPC) and using "voice of the process" and control plans to help you manage and improve processes.

  • Assessing Process Capability: In this module you will learn the fundamentals of capturing and assessing the voice of the customer. Understanding process tolerance versus specifications and techniques for determining process capability.

....also included in this course are 

  • audio/video power point lectures for all 5 modules

  • excel tools and templates for immediate application of learnt principles for some modules

  • downloadable 3 slide per page workbook

Enrollment & Payment

Fundamentals of Process Improvement


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