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Training & Development Courses

Results-Based Budgeting 

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Course Code: TD - 4003

Course Overview

Driving Business Growth through Results Based Budgeting is a comprehensive step by step budgetary planning course designed to help especially, start-up, small and medium sized businesses systematically implement meaningful budgets while reinforcing the principles of financial management as an important prerequisite to business excellence.

Pricing for Profit & Growth

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Course Code: TD-4004

Course Overview

Pricing is among the most important decisions made by both profit-making and non-profit organizations on a daily basis. In several respects, it is also an important factor for defining meaningful customer relations while safeguarding a position in the market over extended periods. In fact, there is a very evident correlation between the price of a product or service and the ability of an organization to retain customers and grow it's slice of the market.

Financial Statement Analysis: KPI's That Matter

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Course Code: TD-4005

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive look at the importance and application of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as effective tools for monitoring and effectively managing a business. Over 30 KPIs and their relevance to performance management are considered in this course. 

Practical Money Management for Individuals

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Course Code: TD-4001

Course Overview

An excellence in money management course, design to empower and enable financial resilience, fitness and wellness. Includes wide range of tools, money management models and more