Effective Process Management - Landing P

Course Overview 

Course Code: L00-EPM

4 month blended instructor-led/self-paced online course | 17 modules

Sound business processes are core to the success of any organization and its capacity to build resilience. In fact, without effective processes, prospects for efficient resource management, sustained growth and overall opportunities for continuous improvement can easily be compromised.

Mindful as well that outcomes are often the manifestation of processes, effective process management is unquestionably indispensable to business stability and improved opportunities for best management of economic and other systemic changes.

Invest in Career Development 

Investing in and developing the skills to define, analyze, monitor and engage in continuous process improvements that drive high-performance and the accomplishment of meaningful outcomes, is consequently a career investment with long-lasting, multi-dimensional returns.   

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Effective Process Management

Effective Proces