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KPI's that Matter

learning today to enrich & empower tomorrow

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Financial Skills Enrichment

Course Modules

4 modules

Course Duration

2 hours

Course Material


Course Overview

Monitoring and analyzing the performance of a business is essential to effective achievement of stated goals and on-time remedying of potential risk areas. In fact, it is with the establishment of performance metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs), that the tracking of progress against expected results and excellence in decision-making is best achieved in business.

Creating a business management discipline that’s predicated on the practical selection, implementation and evaluation of measures (KPIs) that define what success should look like, how potential risk to success will be identified and what actions will be taken to control and manage success as a growth component of business is consequently vital and central to this training course.

KPI's that Matter

This course is excellent for enriching your capabilities in:

  • performing extensive analysis of financial statements 

  • understaning how fianncial benchmarks can be used to engage in acurate forecasting 

  • creating financial scenarios to allow for indepth decision-making

Key Learning Modules & Objectives

KPI's that Matter

Included in this course are the following sessions:

  • The Defining Context & Importance of Key Performance Indicators - In this session we will examine the indispensable importance of KPIs as a business management and monitoring tool, while giving context to the value of reliable data and record-keeping as vital sources of KPIs.

  • KPIs: Strategy, Selection and Documentation - this session will primarily explore the important linkages between KPIs, business strategy and stakeholder management as well as important prerequisites for determining, documenting and selecting appropriate KPIs for a business.

  • KPIs that Matter - In this practical and all important session we will systematically examine a wide range of KPIs, detailing their relevance, how they are calculated and recommended time frequencies for evaluation and monitoring

  • KPIs: Deployment and Decision-Making - this final session will examine five (5) methods for effective deployment of KPIs across an organization with particular emphasis on timely performance reports as the basis for evidenced-based management and decision-making in business.

Online Conference

Learning Today to Enrich & Empower Tomorrow!

Upskill and excel today

"successful people and organizations are those who commit to continuous learning as the platform for continuous improvement. They understand that knowledge acquired yesterday may not be relevant for tomorrow and with relentless passion "learn today to enrich and empower tomorrow" 


KPI's that Matter

excellent course for micro and small business owners as well as persons seeking to sharpen their financial statement analysis skills

Some key terms featuring in this learning experience include: 

financial analysis, ratio analysis, performance gaps, financial forecasting, gap analysis, cost rationalization, financial managment, financial performance

also included in this course:

  • student eBook

CERTIFICATE - Upon completion, participants will be awarded:

Financial Statement Analysis - KPIs Certificate of Completion

Enrollment & Payment


  • Registration and payment for this training course is a prerequisite to participation.

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of one working day, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes to this course

  • In accordance with exchange requirements, billings are done in Barbados dollars which exchange at a rate of Barbados $2 to every US$1.

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