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Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

"learning today to enrich & empower tomorrow"

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Skills Training

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Course Duration

1/2 day

Course Material

Training Manual

Training Overview

Making decisions can be very challenging. However, we are all required to make them daily. Moreover, the decisions we make invariably have an impact on others and the outcomes of activities that follow.

This becomes even more challenging when decisions have to be made as part of a group where individual differences may have to be set aside and collective or long-term impacts taken into consideartion. Equipping individuals with the correct tools to engage in momentary or thought-driven decision-making is consequently vital. 

This training course is designed to help participants apply a range of critical thinking and related techniques to make meaningful timely decision.

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Learning Today to Enrich & Empower Tomorrow!

Upskill and Excel Today

"successful people and organizations are those who commit to continuous learning as the platform for continuous improvement. They understand that knowledge acquired yesterday may not be relevant for tomorrow and with relentless passion "learn today to enrich and empower tomorrow" 

Learning Objectives & Modules

Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

SESSION 1 - Critical Thinking: A Foundational Element of Decision-Making 

  • The Defining Elements of Critical Thinking

  • Creative Thinking & Critical Observation

  • The Power of Analysis for Driving Logical Thinking

SESSION 2 - Concept and Principles of Decision Making

  • Decsion-Making Types, Processes and Techniques 

  • Emotive Influences on Decision-Making

  • Dynamics of Group Decision Making

  • Importance of Decision-Making as a Central Managment & Leadership Role 

SESSION 3 - Making Bold Calculated Decisions

  • Applied Principles of Decision-Making 

  • Case Analysis 1: Decision Risk Impact Analysis: A Business Level Analysis 

  • Case Analysis 2: Decision Risk Impact Analysis: A Socio-Economic Level Assesment 

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Learning & Knowledge Enrichment Outcomes

This training clinic, designed to empower individuals with techniques and tools for effective decision-making will among other things help participants to:

  • Apply critical thinking techniques to the decision-making process

  • Describe and give context to different types of decisions

  • Assess and weight the potential impacts of individual and group decision-making

  • Apply critical thinking and decision-making tools to make meaningful decision

  • Apply decision-making techniques to long-range forecasting and impacts

Who should attend

Departmental Managers | Supervisors | Team Leaders | Committee Leads | Technical Staff | Personnel earmarked for promotion 

Electronic Book

Training Methodology 

Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

  • Full Power Point presentation with practical sessions and role play for application and reinforcement of learning principles;


  • Case studies to provide insights and give effect to best practices;

  • Application of principles and tools in scenario based sessions  

Corporate Training

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