Excelligence the Center's member only Business Enrichment Network, is among the important initiatives conceptualized by the CCOE for nurturing organizations to optimize resources and developmental capacity and global competitiveness..


In fact, Excelligence is designed to be a vibrant members community, dedicated to the effecting and provision of wide-ranging initiatives for bolstering organizational performance, while facilitating meaningful peer and business to business relations

As a network affiliate you can automatically

  1. Create awareness and promote the products/services of your business/organization in a dedicated space within the Excelligence Business Relations & Trade Directory (includes details of contact information, direct links to your web page and social media sites and much more)

  2. Source and supply business leads

  3. Form and nurture wide ranging value added partnerships.


The Business Enrichment Network   

Why We Conceptualized Excelligence 

  1. To create a hub/community to help organizations and businesses manage difficult business challenges and reduce compromise or failure of their operations.  

  2. To broaden opportunities for win-win cooperation  and development partnerships between  organizations within and outside of the Caribbean.

  3. To provide a platform for creating increased awareness of Caribbean organizations and their products and services

  4. To encourage regional/global dialog and knowledge enrichment among peer groups and professionals, on matters of organizational excellence, professional development and related value added initiatives.

  5. To contribute to the effecting of change that strengthens the strategic functionality of the region and enriched opportunities for trade and development

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The CCOE is Obligated

The CCOE is Obligated

Promoting ideals of development that optimize resources to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is an obligatory mandate of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence and its vision to enable organizations to excel and responsibly accomplish their strategic purpose.

Minimizing Business Failures

Minimizing Business Failures

Statistical data indicates that a large percentage of businesses within Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are dying prematurely, having never reached their full potential and draining their respective countries of important resources, while contributing to increased unemployment, poverty and a strain on social services.

Improving Business Climate

Improving Business Climate

Sensitizing businesses on the direct relationship between Business Health Management and the application of business-critical metrics for monitoring and supporting sustainable long term growth and an improved business climate, is more important than ever given the direct correlation of such to social well-being and improved economic performance

Building Sustainable Resilience

Building Sustainable Resilience

A range of organizations, especially those affected by global economic shocks are compelled to seek more innovative methods for improvement and attainment of product/service relevance and excellence. Improving resource management capabilities at the business level through Organizational Excellence specific initiatives that give rise to responsible production and consumption, is an important pillar for creating and optimizing cost efficiencies and realizing sustainable resilience.

Protecting Future Growth

Protecting Future Growth

It is quite clear that growth prospects will slow considerably within coming decades, unless commitments to responsible consumption and production are understood and adopted as key elements of development. Addressing this to avoid exacerbation of negative social, economic and environmental impacts is an unquestionable priority.

Adopting Responsible Practices

Adopting Responsible Practices

Advocating for a socio-economic and environmental risk management policy framework, by which key sectors and society are encouraged to adopt practices which are protective of the delicate nature of vulnerable nations has never been more important.

Eliminating Social Vulnerabilities

Eliminating Social Vulnerabilities

Societies suffer and are exposed to harsh living conditions within weak vulnerable economies. Weak economies are characterized by weak institutions. Building resilient institutions reduces poverty and gives rise to decent living.

Encouraging Social Benevolence

Encouraging Social Benevolence

Profitable organizations have an unwritten responsibility to lift those in poverty to a place of value. Therein lies the deepest expression of profitable excellence

Educating and Empowering

Educating and Empowering

“Investing financial resources to help children survive and develop to their full potential is, first and foremost, a moral imperative. But investing in children is also important on practical grounds. It yields positive benefits to economies and societies. Since the foundation of an individual’s health and well-being is laid in early childhood, the most opportune time to break the cycle of poverty, or prevent it from beginning, is during that time.” UNICEF

Project  Business Enrichment™

4dimensional Business Enrichment & Sustainable Growth Model | 4dBES Model

A multidimensional business enrichment initiative, conceptualized to help organizations improve processes, build resilience and achieve high-performance, while bolstering social, economic and environmental capital.

4dBES Model

Project Dimensions 

d1 Assessment

Business Health & Structural Integrity Assessment Project

 Objective: Business Health & Structural Soundness Assessment  

Output: Business Health Risk Assessment Report    

Mode: Risk Assessment Survey & Business Health Clinic 

Participation in

Project  Business Enrichment™

Excelligence Business Enrichment Network

Intent on:

  1. Pursuing and encouraging SIDS-SIDS cooperation within private sector organizations as the basis for meaningful engagements, multi- stakeholder dialogues and strategic linkages supportive of sustainable economic, environmental and social growth.

  2. Providing a platform to create increased awareness of Caribbean and other SIDS organizations as well as their products and services

  3. Promoting and facilitating the institutionalization of principles of sustainable development among SIDS private sector organizations as the basis for inculcating resource efficiency and corporate responsible practices while delivering and deriving value within the international community.

  4. Contributing to the effecting of change that strengthens the strategic functionality of the region and enriched opportunities for trade and development

"Enabling organizational excellence, high performance and  global competitiveness”

The Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence Inc


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