Vital to the success...

...of a business is the holistic on-time nurturing and functional development of its operations.

Among the important initiatives conceptualized by the CCOE for providing a meaningful hub to nurture organizations to optimize resources, and developmental capacity is Excelligence the Center's member only Business Enrichment Network. 

In fact, Excelligence is designed to be a vibrant business community dedicated to the effecting and provision of wide-ranging initiatives for bolstering organizational performance while facilitating meaningful business to business relations and  opportunities for maximizing long term trade and development through it's dedicated Excelligence member directory.

Benefits of Affiliation   

Urban Life

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Gals & Pals

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Lost Soles

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Running Suits

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...of various lengths and levels for learners with a variety of needs and time frames


...on organizational excellence and related matters by experience business leaders and teachers

...eBooks, affiliation with Business Enrichment Hub and discounted services for registered students 


...individualized coaching and mentoring (by request) at discounted rates on pre-agreed business related matters

Key Contributors

Federal Motor Spares | Protégé Computers | Little Jerusalem Petecostal Church | L Gs Construction | Sandy Antonello

 Sanctuary Empowerment Center 

Featured Mini-Courses

Learning today to enrich and empower tomorrow 

Introduction to Lean Logo.jpg

Introduction to


US$19.95 | Bds$39.90

Lean Six Sigma White Belt.jpg

Lean Six Sigma

White Belt 

US$149.75 | Bds$299.50



US$19.95 | Bds$39.90

Effective Process Manager.jpg

Effective Process


US$242.75 | Bds$485.50

Introduction to


US$19.95 | Bds$39.90 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.jpg

Lean Six Sigma 

Green Belt 

US$872.00 | Bds$1,744.00

Affiliation Categories 

  1. The Student Affiliate 

  2. The Professional Affiliate

  3. The Corporate Affiliate


Structured for Collaboration 

Among the other benefits designed by the Center for empowering Affiliates is its LINK.SIDS Empowerment Network. As an Affiliate you automactically become a member of the LINK.SIDS Empowerment Community where you can: 

  1. Create awareness and promote the products/services of your business/organization in a dedictated space within the CCOE's Business Relations & Trade Directory (inludes details of contact information, direct links to your webpage and social media sites)

  2. Prmote upcoming events, post classified ads and short promotional messages 

  3. Post job vacancies and get recomendations from other Affiliates

  4. Offer discounts and special promotions to customers and Affiliates

  5. Share strategic moments with customers and other Affiliate in your dedicated photo gallery, video center and audio library  

  6. Source and supply business leads

  7. Form and nurture wide ranging value added partnerships.


As a network affiliate you can automatically: 

  1. Create awareness and promote the products/services of your business organization in a dedicated space within the Excelligence Virtual Expo and eTrade Center  (includes details of contact information, direct links to your web page and social media sites and much more)

  2. Source and supply business leads

  3. Form and nurture wide ranging value added partnerships.

  4. Have complimentary access to monthly business enrichment webinars

  5. Benefit from complimentary one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions

  6. Select and package online coaching and related services to match your organizational needs  at competitive pricing. 

  7. Benefit from a range of discounted support services

Affiliation Categories 

Affiliation is available in the following categories

  1. The Student Affiliate 

  2. The Professional Affiliate

  3. The Corporate Affiliate


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