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Training & Development Courses

Agile Project Management 

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Course Code: L00-APM

Course Overview

Agile Project Management is an excellent course for developing the skills and ability to identify and manage the complexities of market demand and changes through structured project management techniques, that emphasize timely stakeholder feedback, collaborative problem-solving, speedy adaptation, rapid improvement and quality outputs. 

When Positive Thinkers Think

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Course Code: SBSI -5002

Course Overview

What You Will Learn

  1. Managing Negativity & Negative People

  2. Thought Leadership: Thinking before the Thinkers Think

  3. Thinking for Me: The Power of Positive Thinking

Essentials of Workplace Organization

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Course Code: SBSI-5003

Course Overview

An indispensable 4 Module course for learning, developing and implementing techniques for creating and maintaining a work environment that's cost efficient, quality focused and functionally productive.

Building Leadership Excellence

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Course Code: SBSI-5004

Course Overview

An excellence mini-course, design and promoting a series of John Maxwell leadership principle and a range of tools for engaging in effective team leadership and management.

​What You Will Learn

  1. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect (John Maxwell Team Presentation)

  2. 17 Characteristics of a Servant Leader

  3. Leading Virtually