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Building Leadership Excellence

A Skills Enrichment & Business Management Training Course

Course Code: SPP-MIC-5001

Course Overview

Serious leadership is no walk in the park. It encompasses and requires of those so titled to be, pioneering thereby initiating the inconceivable; revolutionary thereby shattering boxes of obsolescent and ingenious thereby giving definition to a platform for the furtherance of a vision that lives well beyond their fathomable imagination.      

Building Leadership Excellence, embraces this far reaching context and succinctly presents leadership as a connective discipline which practiced in humility can be a potent driver of change. Mindful of growing technological developments, the session also introduces techniques for successful virtual leadership and its value as a platform for formidable organizational growth.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Building Leadership Excellence

In this course you will learn about:

  • Building Leadership Excellence through effective connecting - In this segment, we utilize a John Maxwell Team training, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect,” presented by a John Maxwell Team certified Trainer, Coach, and Speaker.You will: 

    • understand how the principle of connecting increases your influence in every situation.

    • Immediately be able to apply tools learned so you may effectively connect with people.

  • Building Leadership Excellence through servant leadership - In this segment, we identify 17 Servant Leadership characteristics that reinforce connecting with your team members and what this looks like to create excellence in your leadership approach with team members and/or direct reports. You will:

    • recognize how the servant leadership model differs from some other leadership styles.

    • understand 17 key servant leadership practices and how to apply them.

  • Building Leadership Excellence Virtually - This segment identifies best practices and embraces practical and proven connecting and servant leadership skills to enhance virtual relationships between leaders and direct reports and/or team members. You will:

    • become aware of best practices from colleagues.

    • know how to implement best practices.

    • learn how to resolve Leading Virtually Challenges.

    • adopt new tools to further enhance team members' engagement and morale.

Learning Mode


Learning Period

1 session - 2 hours 

Session Times 

6:00pm to 8:00pm




Guidance Notes

Laptop and Phone

Enrollment & Payment 

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